Keyboard Shortcuts

Action Keyboard Shortcuts Description
Bake and Export Ctrl + Shift + E Bake maps and export files (as configured in the export tab)
Delete Last Drawed Brush X Delete the last drawed brush in the scatter hand draw mode
Enable Snap Ctrl (hold) Enable snap when moving blocks in 2D viewport
Frame All F Frame all blocks into viewport
New Project Ctrl + N -
Open Project Ctrl + O -
Rotate Environment Shift + Left Mouse Button Rotate background image in 3D/Material viewports
Save Project Ctrl+S -
Save Project As Ctrl + Shift + S -
Switch Viewport Ctrl + Space Switch between 2D and 3D viewports
Unhide Hand Draw Brush Ctrl + Left Mouse Button Switch hand draw brush to unhide mode (in the brush settings > hide/unhide mode)
Update 2D Viewport Textures Shift + Space Update all textures (blocks) in design 2D viewport